A Family Who Prays Believes the Impossible

Every Wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. a group of five family members gets on a conference call to pray for their immediate and extended family. These five dare to believe that their prayers can go against history, generational inheritance, inbred traits and characteristics, and genetic disorders. These five believe that they can put a stop to the self-fulfilling prophecies that operate in their family members’ lives. They dare to believe the impossible.

What makes them think that the course of history, or even the future, can be altered from the path it is currently on? Why do they believe that somehow their prayers will be answered and that some time in the near future, their family will be one of the only fully born-again, filled with fire-like passion for God, Christians? Why do they dare believe that this is a ripple and that other families are and will do the same, realizing that this is God’s heart?

Why do they wake up so early when all of them have very busy, very successful families and well-established professional lives? Why do they do this?

Because they believe in the word of the Lord that never changes. They believe the impossible. They believe that their whole family can walk holy before the Lord God, because each of them will accept that they are covered by the righteous robe of Christ. They know this. They know that they should have been wiped out a long time ago because of all the things they have done, but One who was greater died in their place.

Because they know who they believe in. They know that when He says that He hears them when they pray and if He hears them, they have what they have asked for. This is what they know. They know that their God does not want anyone to die without having secured a place in the heavenly eternal. They know that that is His heart, that He wants His children to be with Him forever to love them, to know them, to listen to them, to sing and dance with them. And even here on earth, this family knows that the promises God makes to them, and anyone who receives Him as their God, are all theirs because they have accepted His life for the life they live now. All of the answers to God’s promises are yes and in agreement with His plans for their lives on this earth.

This precious five are, of course, my dear family who prays out of their heart of love for the rest of our family. They are revolutionaries, resistance-fighters for the cause of Christ. I am honored to serve with them in this way. I thank God for them and honor all that they are in God.

My family, I love you.


One thought on “A Family Who Prays Believes the Impossible

  1. Gosh, thanks for reminding me…I used to do a Tuesday morning conference call prayer with a few friends, I’m not sure what has happened but I will call them this week to see if we can start again. Thank God for Jesus, and the faithfulness of Jesus that he doesn’t forget or slack off as I have!
    Blessings, Janice

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