iWorship Live (January 2011): Let It Shine

Here is a little sample of the jam session we held a few weeks ago at our house. We invited some of our musician friends over, hooked up the iMac, and hit record. This song “Let It Shine” will be on our upcoming album ILLUMINATE. We just wanted to invite you into our world. No big deal. No big production. Just Will and Jevon and some pretty talented musicians. Hope you are blessed by it.




Everywhere I go and everywhere I be

I’m gonna let my light shine bright for the world to see

Let it shine, let it shine

All around my neighborhood and all around my city

I’m gonna let it ring out loud that I have been set free

Let it shine, let it shine



Everywhere I go, everywhere I be

I’m gonna let it, I’m gonna let it, I’m gonna let it shine



Let it shine for the world to see

Make it bright for eternity

Your the light

Your the salt of the whole earth



Lift your head up high

‘Cause your the light

So let it shine


(c) 2010 by Will Bolden


Less Talking, More Walking

Many of us saw the year 2010 just like the parable of the talents. Those of you who don’t know the parable should really consider checking it out in Matthew 25:14–30. It’s one of my favorite pieces of Scripture to read. There is so much wisdom to chew on, I’m like, “Serve me up anotha’ bowl of that, Holy Spirit!” Hahaha!

The Master (our Father who created us) left us with gifts. In the parable of the talents to one He gave five, to another He gave two, and to a third He gave one. The point is we have all been given talent. Just like in the parable, there is a time where the Master releases us fully to increase our gifts.

To be practical, our system is set up to educate and discover the natural talents in children at an early age. They are told they can be anything they want to be in life—preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, and finally college. Graduating from college can be compared to a releasing—releasing into your gifting or talent, if you will. The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6, KJV).

That was 2010 for a lot of people…

2011 is the year of executing the plans God has for you and for me. It is full of release parties and graduations. In this season there will be less talking and more walking. And if you have not made a plan for how you will increase your gifts, do it now. God has given you the power. In Joshua 1:8, He says that when you follow His ordained plan for your life, you will be able to make your way prosperous.

OK, really when you stop reading this, do not pass go or collect $200 dollars. Grab your most high-tech device—your computer, iPhone, or Blackberry—and write the vision and make it plain.

What We Do for Our Dreams

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do for what you know you are destined for. You can’t live life the way other people live their lives and expect to be extraordinary. Then the other thing is why the heck do you want to be extraordinary? For your own good? To leave a legacy in your own name? Or is there an eternity built in to your desire to be extraordinary? Something that goes beyond you and speaks of God, the Creator who gave you life.

We honor God in our lives and we are so incredibly indebted to Him for all His generosity and favor toward us. How could we not seek to be extraordinary for Him? Living our lives to the full is like living an open invitation to those who are orphaned and inviting them to come and join us as we dine at the Father’s banquet table.

Living this life sometimes calls for breaking religious and cultural mores. Didn’t Jesus do that? Yet, He only did what His Father in heaven commanded Him to do.

This time last year, Jevon was interviewed by Essence Magazine about how our family is organized–you know, division of labor. At the time, Jevon had been working consistently full-time for a few years, while Will was the primary caregiver for our two children. Well, in any good relationship there are shifts and changes. “Seasons change; mad things rearrange…” (Sorry we just digressed into a Lauryn Hill lyric.) And then if love is really there, each person gives whatever opportunity they can to make room for each other to thrive and grow. We believe that sincerely. His call may not be her sole call, and her call may not be his sole call, but jointly we can be full in our giftings and talents and bless people by the love, joy, and peace that comes from being truly nurtured and supported by the one you love.

Since the article, we’ve adjusted our roles. We knew this would happen even as the article went live before millions. We were right in the midst of transition. Aren’t we all? Our children are older and both are in school–doing quite well actually. Will has since stepped further out into his calling by becoming a worship leader for Way of Grace Ministries in Orlando, and he is back at writing a second album called Illuminate–destined to enlighten your soul and spirit.

We will do whatever it takes to be in the place of God’s favor and blessing. No matter what it looks like to others. There are times of struggle as we seek to stay grounded in God as attacks on every side try to shake us off course. Then there are times of sheer victory, where we really can’t even remember how hard things were the week before.

We are thankful to God for His constant guidance, His love, and His rhema word that never cease to amaze us.

So just for kicks, take a look back one year ago at where we were at the time of the Essence interview (the discussion in the comments were really lively): “I Work, He Stays At Home, We’re Happy.”

I Work, He Stays At Home, We’re Happy