Free Music Friday


Today we are offering three of our songs for free downloads on our Reverbnation website. If you’ve been hanging with us since the beginning of this journey and have logged on to get our music each time we’ve offered various free selections in the past, this may complete your collection of all the song on our CD, A Father’s Love.

The songs we are offering today mean so much to us:

The Race” – A message about never giving up and remaining in faith and high expectancy in hard times

The One” – Expresses our love and gratitude for the Spirit of God moving and staying active in our lives

Stop to Love” – Reinforces the need for all of us to stop and pay attention to the people around us who need our light–the light of Christ–to bring them out of a dark place

We hope you log on and download these songs. We pray that they minister to you in a very special way. We also hope that if they minister to you, you will share them with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, Google +, WordPress, Blogger, or by email.

Make a special effort today to be a positive light to someone. Stop to love somebody; you never know what might come of it.


Sunday Setlist Recap – Week #161

Happy Monday, good people!

We are here to share with you and the Worship Community our weekly recap of our worship setlist from Sunday, August 21, 2011.

We had a fantastic worship experience at Way of Grace yesterday. The worship team was in great spirits even though our Thursday night rehearsal got bumped due to another event in the sanctuary. And because of that we had to make some adjustments to our setlist Sunday morning. Our original setlist was going to be:

  1. Our God Is Love by Hillsong
  2. For All You’ve Done by Hillsong
  3. Chasing After You by Jonathan Stockstill
  4. Your Later Will Be Greater by Israel Houghton and Martha Munizzi

With adjustments, our final setlist was:

  1. The chorus to Fire Fall Down by Hillsong
  2. Our God Is Love by Hillsong
  3. For All You’ve Done by Hillsong
  4. Chasing After You by Jonathan Stockstill
  5. The Stand by Hillsong

But something was different altogether about yesterday. Will felt led to call the choir members (past and present) to the stage just before the chorus of “Fire Fall Down.” He publically let them know that we love them and need their worship–and we want them back! They had the summer off, but none of them returned after everything was back up and in full swing. The ensemble/praise team remained on the stage throughout the summer, but the choir felt like a summer break would be good with all the vacations going on.

When the choir members joined us on stage, the worship went to a new and higher level. We blasted through the roof on “Our God Is Love” and had even more breakthrough on “Chasing After You.” We tried to end “The Stand” with dignity, but the Spirit of God wouldn’t have it. We all began to sing out in the Spirit in our own words. Will exhorted the crowd to worship freely. Then the youth pastor/resident bass player came to the front of the stage to do the welcome, but God wasn’t done yet.

All of a sudden the vamp for “Fire Fall Down,” softly began to bubble up all around the stage and then into the audience. Louder and stronger. Stronger and louder. “Fire fall down. Fire fall down on us we pray!” It was a beautiful fragrance of worship before a most worthy God.

The room was warm with the presence of God as we moved to greeting each other, worshiping with our offerings, and receiving the Word from an anointed guest speaker.

How was your worship experience this past weekend? What song or move of God ministered to you the most?

Sunday Setlist Recap – Week #160

We recently joined the Worship Community online resource for worship leaders. Each week they encourage members to recap how their Sunday service went, and we thought it would be cool to particpate.

We are worship leaders at Way of Grace Ministries in Orlando, FL. This past week (August 14, 2011) we did four songs:

  1. Freedom by Eddie James
  2. You Give Me Joy by Jonathan Stockstll
  3. On Eagles’ Wings by Hillsong
  4. Let the Church Rise by Jonathan Stockstill

We rehearsed all of the songs (band and vocalists together) on Thursday night. All was well. The team sounded great. Then we had a brush-up rehearsal Sunday morning. Everything was fine, however, the guest base player was not able to make Thursday’s rehearsal, so he needed some one-on-one attention, and the harmonies of some of the songs needed to be clarified. We ran out of time to complete rehearsal in the sanctuary, because Sunday school was set to begin at 10:00 a.m. So we took the vocalists in another room and went over the parts acapella to “Let the Church Rise” and “On Eagles’ Wings.” Turned out great. One of the vocalists came and said, “Thank you so much for doing that acapella. It really helps.” We used to rehearse the band and vocalists separately on Thursday night. We may go back to doing that.

Once service began, we led out with “Freedom.” It was energetic: hands were raised; people were dancing. We moved through the rest of the set with such a nice flow. There was God-confidence in each member of the team. “On Eagles’ Wings” is a church favorite, so that selection was very well received. The pastor came up on “Let the Church Rise” and had us sing the chorus through a few more times and through the greeting. He felt like that song was a message for our church to “rise from the ashes” and “fall to her knees” so that we can continue to “be light in the darkness.”

We are so grateful to be part of such a great team of worshipers, and for our pastor’s trust in us. We’ve been there for about nine months and our cohesiveness is “gellin’ like a fellon”–or whatever. We love them and see us going to higher heights in God and drawing others in to that same spirit of worship.


Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM!


No more shackles

No more chains

No more bondage

I am free! Yeah!

No Matter What the Weapon Is, We Win!

“Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win! All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing” (1 Corinthians 9:24-26).

“If we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ” (Hebrews 3:14).

Of course with all the things you are facing and dealing with in your own life, you have been completely unable to move on without knowing what we are up to.  Not really, we sure. But for our own sakes, it’s kind of cool to keep a record of where we are on this journey toward sharing what God has given us with the world.

Everybody has a light, and our light is mutually music. We feel very strongly that God wants us to share that light with the world–or at least those in the world who will listen. Music is one of those things that just communicates directly to the heart and soul of a person. Art and food kind of do the same thing. They slip in past a person’s inhabitions and get them involved in…well, something–good or bad. Music, art, and food break through all kinds of social, cultural, ethnic, and economic barriers. It’s quite amazing what happens in a crowd of people who don’t know each other when good music and food start to be served up. Have you ever watched the transformation? It’s a little funny to see the wallflowers bloom, the crossed arms unfold, and the nervous grins turn into falling-all-over-you laughter.

We like this about the gift of music. God’s love, power, and saving grace can be communicated to even the hardest heart with little resistance. We’ve seen it with our own eyes–from the stage. Angry men soften. Distant couples draw closer and begin to worship together. But because of the world we live in, our gifts do not come to their fullness without a fight. And we have been fighting.

We had to move again earlier this year.

Will was diagnosed with a severe eye disorder called keratoconus. At this point, surgery seems to be the only option. He cannot see to do much of anything.

We’ve been rediscovering who we are as a couple and what that means for our music:

Should we continue as Will and Jevon? Or just Will? Or just Jevon?

Are we doing the right music?

How can we get the sound we feel God created us to release?

Is this the right timing?

We’re sure you know how it is. No one is immune to obstacles and roadblocks. But one thing we must all hold onto is what God said. We revisit His word to us frequently. It is our foundation. We go to Him and ask Him to remind us again what is it He wants from us. Then we ask for a plan and a strategy, and He gives it to us step by step.

So returning to what He told us almost two years ago, we are working on developing a five-song demo to present to a few small record labels. The style is one that mixes together all of what we were raised on–and it wasn’t black gospel. Sorry, folks. It’s that good-to-the-soul-and-spirit kind of music. It’s a blend of soul, jazz, and gospel. Deep, intimate lyrics about the nature of God and His power in our lives will bring substance to the rhythm and beat. Maybe we’ll give you a little taste of it this weekend. Check back with us.

We are asking for your prayers. Husband and wife united in a joint effort to share God’s light and love with the world is certainly NOT what the enemy wants to see be successful. Nevertheless, we are excited and hopeful. We remain that way. We remain in hope and optimism. We remain in Christ.

With love and great expectancy for an exceptional future,

Will and Jevon