Sunday Setlist Recap – Week #160

We recently joined the Worship Community online resource for worship leaders. Each week they encourage members to recap how their Sunday service went, and we thought it would be cool to particpate.

We are worship leaders at Way of Grace Ministries in Orlando, FL. This past week (August 14, 2011) we did four songs:

  1. Freedom by Eddie James
  2. You Give Me Joy by Jonathan Stockstll
  3. On Eagles’ Wings by Hillsong
  4. Let the Church Rise by Jonathan Stockstill

We rehearsed all of the songs (band and vocalists together) on Thursday night. All was well. The team sounded great. Then we had a brush-up rehearsal Sunday morning. Everything was fine, however, the guest base player was not able to make Thursday’s rehearsal, so he needed some one-on-one attention, and the harmonies of some of the songs needed to be clarified. We ran out of time to complete rehearsal in the sanctuary, because Sunday school was set to begin at 10:00 a.m. So we took the vocalists in another room and went over the parts acapella to “Let the Church Rise” and “On Eagles’ Wings.” Turned out great. One of the vocalists came and said, “Thank you so much for doing that acapella. It really helps.” We used to rehearse the band and vocalists separately on Thursday night. We may go back to doing that.

Once service began, we led out with “Freedom.” It was energetic: hands were raised; people were dancing. We moved through the rest of the set with such a nice flow. There was God-confidence in each member of the team. “On Eagles’ Wings” is a church favorite, so that selection was very well received. The pastor came up on “Let the Church Rise” and had us sing the chorus through a few more times and through the greeting. He felt like that song was a message for our church to “rise from the ashes” and “fall to her knees” so that we can continue to “be light in the darkness.”

We are so grateful to be part of such a great team of worshipers, and for our pastor’s trust in us. We’ve been there for about nine months and our cohesiveness is “gellin’ like a fellon”–or whatever. We love them and see us going to higher heights in God and drawing others in to that same spirit of worship.


Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM!


No more shackles

No more chains

No more bondage

I am free! Yeah!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist Recap – Week #160

  1. It’s amazing how God can still move through all of our disconboberations, oh how I miss worshipping the Lord with you!

  2. @ Fred and Russ: We’re glad to learn about it. Seems like a great place to get the resources, community, and support we need as worship leaders. We’re glad to be a part.

    @ Janice: You are so right. It is God who is able, not us, even if we did perform perfectly. We miss worshiping with you too.

    Have a fantastic day and thank you all for stopping by and reading our blog. Come back again!

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