Sunday Setlist Recap – Week #161

Happy Monday, good people!

We are here to share with you and the Worship Community our weekly recap of our worship setlist from Sunday, August 21, 2011.

We had a fantastic worship experience at Way of Grace yesterday. The worship team was in great spirits even though our Thursday night rehearsal got bumped due to another event in the sanctuary. And because of that we had to make some adjustments to our setlist Sunday morning. Our original setlist was going to be:

  1. Our God Is Love by Hillsong
  2. For All You’ve Done by Hillsong
  3. Chasing After You by Jonathan Stockstill
  4. Your Later Will Be Greater by Israel Houghton and Martha Munizzi

With adjustments, our final setlist was:

  1. The chorus to Fire Fall Down by Hillsong
  2. Our God Is Love by Hillsong
  3. For All You’ve Done by Hillsong
  4. Chasing After You by Jonathan Stockstill
  5. The Stand by Hillsong

But something was different altogether about yesterday. Will felt led to call the choir members (past and present) to the stage just before the chorus of “Fire Fall Down.” He publically let them know that we love them and need their worship–and we want them back! They had the summer off, but none of them returned after everything was back up and in full swing. The ensemble/praise team remained on the stage throughout the summer, but the choir felt like a summer break would be good with all the vacations going on.

When the choir members joined us on stage, the worship went to a new and higher level. We blasted through the roof on “Our God Is Love” and had even more breakthrough on “Chasing After You.” We tried to end “The Stand” with dignity, but the Spirit of God wouldn’t have it. We all began to sing out in the Spirit in our own words. Will exhorted the crowd to worship freely. Then the youth pastor/resident bass player came to the front of the stage to do the welcome, but God wasn’t done yet.

All of a sudden the vamp for “Fire Fall Down,” softly began to bubble up all around the stage and then into the audience. Louder and stronger. Stronger and louder. “Fire fall down. Fire fall down on us we pray!” It was a beautiful fragrance of worship before a most worthy God.

The room was warm with the presence of God as we moved to greeting each other, worshiping with our offerings, and receiving the Word from an anointed guest speaker.

How was your worship experience this past weekend? What song or move of God ministered to you the most?


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