Free Music Friday


Today we are offering three of our songs for free downloads on our Reverbnation website. If you’ve been hanging with us since the beginning of this journey and have logged on to get our music each time we’ve offered various free selections in the past, this may complete your collection of all the song on our CD, A Father’s Love.

The songs we are offering today mean so much to us:

The Race” – A message about never giving up and remaining in faith and high expectancy in hard times

The One” – Expresses our love and gratitude for the Spirit of God moving and staying active in our lives

Stop to Love” – Reinforces the need for all of us to stop and pay attention to the people around us who need our light–the light of Christ–to bring them out of a dark place

We hope you log on and download these songs. We pray that they minister to you in a very special way. We also hope that if they minister to you, you will share them with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, Google +, WordPress, Blogger, or by email.

Make a special effort today to be a positive light to someone. Stop to love somebody; you never know what might come of it.


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