Sunday Setlist Recap – Week #163

Each week we are excited to send out a report on what God is doing in our neck of the woods. The Worship Community has provided a great platform for all of us to see how the body of Christ is going about the plans and orders God has given us.

It’s so cool that it’s not about one church having better worship than another or a more fire-and-brimstone message than another, but it’s all about each church following faithfully the vision that God has given them. The church is not the pastor’s. The church isn’t even the members’. We’d all like to claim ownership, but we gave up all ownership to anything, including our buildings and inititives, when we gave our lives to God. All that we have is His, especially His church. His church body is there for  us to find other faith-filled believers to connect with. It is also there as a community center of sorts for people who are hurting and just need some hope. Hope can come in many forms. And it’s interesting to philosophy over the certain ways each church has been commissioned to share hope.

Some churches share hope through a strong homeless outreach. Others have a gift for redeeming prostitutes and drug addicts. Still others are charged with bringing supernatural healing and freedom to people overwhelmed with negative emotions and depressed pasts. Isn’t God diverse and just so good?

There really is no time or room for competition. It’s about staying busy with our Father’s business.

These past few weeks, our focus at Way of Grace has been about discovering why our particular church is here. This week we grasped a new understanding about our call to support missions and missionaries. Pastor Grant pointed out that one of our favorite and commonly quoted scriptures–“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory” (Philippians 4:19)–was Paul specifically speaking to the only church that gave to him, the Philippians. He was their missionary, and like they were rewarded for supporting him, our church and those others who obey their call to support missions will also be rewarded.

Understanding the church’s vision in this way helps every ministry understand the purpose for why we present excellent worship and service to the Lord and to His people. If each of us add the piece we are called to do with passion and God-confidence, then the whole is in place to fulfill the collective call.

This week, worship was excellent. The team is continuing to grow and gel together in our mission to bring authentic and Spirit-filled worship to the people. It was amazing that even with a really good worship set, it just wasn’t about us this week. It was about missions and going out to find lost sheep. But for the record, our set for this week was:

  1. Beautiful One by Jeremy Camp
  2. Come Alive by Deluge
  3. Worthy by Paul Wilbur
  4. Jesus Blood Never Fails Me by Hillsong

What was your church service like this past weekend? What special message did God speak to your heart?


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