Do You Want a King or Will God Do?

You ever catch yourself praying or wishing for a mentor or for a woman or man of God to teach you or tell you something? Remember when the children of Israel begged God for a king? What did He say to them? (See 1 Samuel 8.)

A few months ago, I found myself really praying consistently for an earthly mentor. When I was quiet enough to hear, God quickly and clearly answered my prayer with a question: “Am I not good enough? Am I not leading you and guiding you in the way you should go?”


I started thinking of how He first introduced Himself to Moses: “I AM who I AM” (Exodus 3:14).

You AM? Amazing. So I guess I could just fill that in with whatever it is I think I need? You AM my mentor?

“I am Your mentor. Do I satisfy your need?”

Why, yes, God, especially when You put it that way. Yes, You do. You are more than enough. I would hope to never knowingly reject You from being the leader of even this portion of my life. Wow. I will be careful to listen for Your voice and obey Your instruction. I would rather have You lead and guide me than any man or woman. END OF DISCUSSION.

Several things are occurring simultaneously to prove to me that He is mentoring me:

  1. He is speaking clearly to me about specific actions I should take (clear directives that say “no,” “hold on to that idea for just a second,” “proceed,” “get that in NOW”).
  2. He has led people to me to speak His words of wisdom, encouragement, motivation, and warning.
  3. He has graciously allowed me to be faced with situations that challenged my knowledge in certain areas or preparedness to deal with things that are next-level sort of things. Nothing embarrassing. Just very delicate reactions or responses from select interactions with people that tell me I need to sharpen up and do my due diligence. No need to place blame on someone else for not telling me whatever it was I missed. He tells me what I missed and the way to guarantee it won’t be missed again. (Grateful for that, ’cause if I don’t get it the first few times around, I’m sure it could eventually become embarrassing–so that I get it.)

These things happen in timely phases to teach me that true and sustainable increase does not come from man but from Him. He says that He has given me every resource to perform every good work (Hebrews 13:21), and wisdom is there for me without limit (James 1:5).

“So, yes, My child, sharpen up. You’re doing well. Just do a bit more. You are capable and able because I am able. You have My blessing and guidance. I am leading you through an open door to the knowledge and wisdom that will carry you to the next level.”

Yes, God.

Do you find yourself looking laterally for an answer for something in your life that seems rather earthly or something that seems to have a quick practical fix, like career or finances? I challenge you to quiet yourself long enough to hear if your answer is already present but vertical. Look up. Sometimes we get caught up in the stuff of earth, especially in this information age. There is a blog out there that can answer all the questions in my head about what steps to take, but does it know the desires of my heart? Can it know the naive prayers I prayed as a child? Did its writer know me before I was formed in my mother’s womb?

I’ve known God most of my life and still sometimes forget that I have direct access to His throne and can hear Him directly and that He is not just concerned about my salvation, but He is concerned with it all because I am His. I, along with billions of others, represent Him and His majesty here on earth. So yeah, He wants to help us do well.

God’s customize package for my life takes into account every prayer, every hope, every wish, every tear, and so much more, from here to eternity, because He knows me. And I trust that.

What is your Mentor saying to you these days?


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