Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare

Not sure what to call this, but I (Jevon) had a dream last night that Will and I were the guest worship leaders at this church that both of our families attended when we were children. The church had grown up a lot in my dream. It had an orchestra versus your standard contemporary worship band. We did not have a chance to rehearse with the band, because it was fairly short notice, but we figured it would be OK since we had chosen songs we all knew.

Anyhow, we were sitting stage left, when we received our cue to take the stage and begin worship. We walked up the stairs and up onto the stage clapping our hands and praising God, letting the audience know it was time to worship the King of kings. “Everyone stand on your feet and let’s worship the Lord together!”

The music began and it was full and beautiful. For some reason we were doing “Victory Is Mine”—a very old song. As we were about to open our mouths to sing we noticed there were no lyrics, no charts on the podium, no big screen in the back of the auditorium. Honestly, I am not sure why this was a problem. For the most part, Will and I memorize the lyrics to the songs we lead. It’s something we have really tried to train ourselves in for moments like the one I was dreaming.

It seemed like the floor had dropped out from under us, but we tried to recover and start the set anyway. Some how the band started the song in a different key and Will and I both were just ad libbing and doing free worship trying to find the melody. No such luck.

We dropped back to the rear of the stage and tried to see what the band director had on his podium. What charts was he reading? Do we need to start over? Do we have time to change the set? Can we rehearse really quick?

Absurd questions of course. It’s showtime, dawg! You’re on! But it was a dream, and sometimes dream exaggerate spaces of time and even emotions.

So while we are trying to get our footing, the elders filed onto the stage and took their seats. The one who was responsible for the morning welcome and announcements got up and did his piece. They were moving on with the program. Oh, well…

We went back to our seats on stage left and actually did not feel embarrassment. We had that feeling of “these things happen.” Very strange.

Are you a dream interpreter? Maybe you can share what you think. Or maybe you’ve had a dream similar to this. What did you gain from it?